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Puscas Productions for all your media needs! 


Who are we?


We are a freelance service. We provide video production and audio production work for all your media needs! 

What type of work do we do?


We do any videography work you may need such as ads for your business, filming or even video editing. We also do audio work such as mixing, mastering and any sort of post production required.

We do sound design for film and even do recording sessions so whatever you need we will do our best to provide. If you need all three we can do that too! Do you want something more specific? no problem just contact us!





Dacian Puscas is the founder of Puscas Productions. Dacian is a media professional In his final year of a bachelor honours degree in Creative Digital Media at TU Dublin Tallaght Campus. Dacian has been an aspiring musician from the age of 14 and has written, produced, mixed and mastered several songs. Alongside performing and working with several artists he has further expanded his abilities in working with audio and audio technology  in TU Dublin. 

Dacian has evolved as a music producer and gained an even bigger passion for sound engineering and audio post production in Pulse College where he specialised in using Logic Pro X and gained a music production certification. Dacian later gained a second passion for video in TU Dublin where he presented in front of the camera for several shows in college and created his own individual short film and short documentary for his final year. 

Having been involved in drama courses Dacian had a great aspiration to also one day star in films and decided to further gain a further insight into video and film with the constant willingness to learn more. Currently working in freelance and hoping to further understand the media industry and work for big companies Dacian is looking to evolve as a media professional and content creator.


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